Upchuck is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Gourmand from the planet Peptos XI.


Upchuck has swampy-green skin, tanned stomach and muzzles, black digits and black-green spots on his tail, limbs, hips on his back. His eyes are now sharper, look pupil-less and green. His teeth are now more aligned with visibly sharp canine teeth. He wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his stomach.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Upchuck has four very strong, adhesive tongues that can stretch to great lengths, allowing Upchuck to latch onto large objects and reel them in with relative ease.

Upchuck's mouth and stomach can also stretch, allowing him to swallow and digest objects fairly larger than himself.

Upchuck possesses several acid-filled stomachs that dissolve almost all forms of matter. He can't consume organic Matter. The items ingested are converted into explosive balls of liquids that can be expelled with great accuracy. He can also make them curve, like a boomerang, shuriken or frisbee.

Upchuck is able to take a surprising amount of punishment for a creature of its size, taking the force of a moving car impact as well as surviving after being thrown through a wall.

Upchuck can spit out slime.

Upchuck can also eat and spit out energy, such as lasers, in the same way he eats and spits out matter.


Upchuck has a limit to how many big objects he can swallow at once.

Upchuck is also slow when he eats a lot of things and becomes excessively fat. Otherwise, he is somewhat quick, considering his small size.

If Upchuck does not spit out something he eats, he will get very fat until he spits it out.


In Evil Invaders, he ate some cars and spit out a strong energy beam which defeated Trumbipulor.



Evil Invaders(First Reappearance)


In Hindi his name is Uparchuck.

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