Trumbipulor is a villain that first appeared in Basic Training.


Trumbipulor was seen having been defeated by Ben's team at the beginning of Basic Training for illegally trading level 3 tech. He can talk through his trunk (while the noise sounds like a regular elephant). Ben can understand him clearly with his universal translator.

In The Purge, Trumbipulor fights Ben's team again. NRG fought him, but Trumbipulor manages to escape.

In Animo's Revenge, he fought Ben again but got defeated and arrested by Ben.

In Return Of The Garbage Monster, he used the gauntlet to become very strong.

In Evil Invaders, he tried to take some alien tech but was defeated by Ben but escaped.

In Evil Assistant, he stole the tech box and tried to sell it to the highest bidder but was defeated by Ben and arrested by the plumbers.

In Goodbye Gwen And Kevin, he wanted to take revenge on Gwen and Kevin but was defeated by Heatblast.



Animo's Revenge

Return Of The Garbage Monster

Evil Invaders

Evil Assistant

Goodbye Gwen And Kevin