Tack is an alien that Ben at Plumbers' Academy. Tack came in the first episode of Ben 10 Omniworlds and said that we would help him.


Tack is a young,wimpy alien.He has dark hair that is in a mohawk style and also wears a dark brown jacket and light brown jeans.His body color is teal green and his eyes are the size of tennis balls.Tack has the ability to extend his neck. He wears his plumber suit very often.


Tack is a very kind and a very shy alien.he also sees Ben as a role model,hero,best friend. He is ready to help anyone who is in trouble, he likes to form a team and always help the leader.

Power and AbilitesEdit

Tack can strech his neck to dodge attacks that are headed for his face.Tack can use weapons easily and his aiming is absolutely brilliant.He can fight if he gets angry.


Tack's jacket is similar to Argit's.

Tack's neck streching is very similiar to ET.