Scorch is a Nenoheatian from Nenoheat.


He has lava on his body and some parts of them have rocks.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He can shoot burning lava.

He can control some amounts of lava.

He can also fly.

He has super strength.

He can run and fly faster.

He can create fire explosions.

He can make mini volcanoes.

He can burn objects like metal, ice, steel, rock and grass.


Getting hit by water continuously.

Being in water for a long time.


In Return Of The Garbage Monster, he saved Gwen, Kevin and Tack and burned some part of Garbage Monster.

In Master Control Part 2, he gets defeated by Vulkanus.

in Another Sotoraggian, he burned Eighteight's armor but got defeated.

In Swarm's Power, he burned all the Nanochips including Elena, defeating all of them.

In Movie Nemesis, he fired his fire power to defeat Overlord. Overlord absorbs the power and defeates him with super rays.

In The Start Of Evil War, Scorch burned Gorvan's hands. When Gorvan knew his weakness, he poured water on him, defeating him.



Return Of The Garbage Monster(First Appearance)

Master Control Part 2

Another Sotoraggian

Swarm's Power

Movie Nemesis

The Start Of Evil War


In hindi his name is the same.

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