Carl Nesmith also known as Captain Nemesis and later known as Overlord, is a character introduced in Hero
Time. Originally he was a famous human super-hero, as well as a great American icon and Ben's idol, but in reality, he is a greedy gloryhound and a fraud. After a jealous rivalry with Ben as a hero, Nemesis grew insane with jealousy and changed his name to Overlord before joining Will Harangue in his smear campaign.


Early LifeEdit

Captain Nemesis has been active as a hero since a long time ago (According to him, before Ben was born). A famous superhero and a great American icon according to most characters, his long services made him rich and famous, having his own weapon-making company and comic book series. In reality, he's really a gloryhound and a fraud who stages all criminal activities he seemingly stopped in order to get fame and fortune, though his agent implied he was a true hero in the past. Unlike Ben, he is shown to be greatly estimated by the anchorman Will Harangue, who described him as a "true American hero."


In Jail Break, he escaped prison and took revenge on Ben but got defeated and sent back to prison.

In Movie Nemesis, he escaped prison and made the Movie Nemesis so that he could earn fame and glory and then take the people his side and kill Ben Tennyson, but was defeated by Ben alone.

In Goodbye Gwen And Kevin, he wanted to take revenge on Gwen and Kevin but was defeated by Swampfire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Captain Nemesis had no powers by himself, instead he uses a powerful battlesuit. However, the armor was so complex that he needed his staff of technicians to put it on. He gains the following abilities when he wears the suit: Enhanced Strength: The armor enhances his strength to an unknown degree.

Enhanced Durability: It provides him protection against damage.

Jet Boosters: The suit can be equipped with jet boosters that are used for flight or increased speed.

Projection of Energy Blasts: The gauntlets' palms can harness yellow energy for projection of blasts or for stronger punches. The beams are adjustable for narrow or destructive emission.

Grappling Hook: A gauntlet has a hidden grappling hook launcher for restraining opponents.

After his upgrade in which he boosted the core, he displayed much greater strength, speed and durability, as well as projecting red energy blasts from his palms. However, as a side effect, the armor grew hotter each time he used it, and according to Kevin, the suit would have blown up and killed him if Water Hazard hadn't saved him from it.



Jail Break

Movie Nemesis

Goodbye Gwen And Kevin