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Maxwell "Max" Tennyson aka Grandpa Max as his grandchildren call him, is the paternal grandfather of Ben, Gwen, Kenny and father of Carl Tennyson and Frank Tennyson. He is in his late 50's to early 60's to mid 60's (64-65 in Alien Force and 65-66 in Ultimate Alien), rather overweight and a bit slow at times, but with a keen sense for adventure and a strange taste in food. Max ends up taking the kids on a Summer Vacation Roadtrip across the United States. Much to Ben's annoyance, Ben discovers that Gwen is joining them. Max travels in a motor home nicknamed the Rust Bucket, which he has modified with advanced technology. The Rust Bucket is a replica of a GMC Classic Motor home.

Max is a semi-retired legendary Plumber, is the mentor of Ben, Gwen and Kevin and the Plumber Helpers. According to Azmuth, Max is widely considered the greatest plumber in the Milky Way Galaxy. Max is currently Magister of Earth.


In Story Of Costin, he was called by Ben to hear Costin's Story.

In Energy Off, he gave Ben a pet.

In Goodbye Gwen And Kevin, he told Ben that some enemies are going to attack Gwen, Kevin and Chris for revenge.

In The Start Of Evil War, he cheered up Ben by telling him that he will catch Psyphon soon.



Story Of Costin

Energy Off

Goodbye Gwen And Kevin(Only voice)

The Start Of Evil War

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