Master Control Part 2 is the eighteenth episode of Ben 10 Omniworlds and the second episode of season 2.


August 7, 2012


After Electrohacker defeats Psyphon, Psyphon survives, he hits a button which freezes Electrohacker, Electrohacker can't move, Vulkanus attacks him and beats him. Gwen, Kevin and Tack regain conscious. Kevin absrobs concrete he changes his hand into maces and punches Vulkanus. Tack his uses his pistol and breaks Psyphon's ship making it crash into the sea. Gwen helps Ben regauin conscious. Ben transforms into Swampfire and goes after Psyphon and defeats Psyphon who escapes with his ship.

Vulkanus beats Kevin and Tack and throws them far off. He sends his pickaxe aliens to fight Kevin, Gwen and Tack. Ben transforms into Water Hazard and attacks Vulkanus. Vulkanus picks him up and throws him in the sea. Water hazard climbs up and transforms back to Ben. Gwen and Kevin defeat the pickaxe aliens. Vulkanus attacks Kevin and easily defeats him. He sends pickaxe aliens to defeat Tack. He defeats Gwen by bashing her to the ground.

Ben transforms into Ampfibian and reads Vulkanus's mind and plans his next move by transforming into Cubester and traps him in his cubes and uses his powers and defeats Vulkanus, Vulkanus uses his new gun which make Ben transform into small cubes. Gwen and Kevin are defeated by the pickaxe aliens and Tack escapes.

He takes them to his main base unconscious. Tack manages to reach the plumber base, and calls Sir George for help. Meanwhile, Vulkanus sets his pickaxe army ready for anyone. Sir George and Tack secretly attack some pickaxe aliens. Vulkanus gets to know this and attacks them. Vulkanus defeats Tack and takes him to where the others are. He traps Sir George in a cage.

Sir George trys to open the cage, he keeps bashing it when he manages to get out, the pickaxe aliens attack him, he easily defeats them, he then manages to break in where Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Tack are. He gets attacked by Vulkanus, he manages to defeat Vulkanus, he frees Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Tack. Vulkanus wakes up and shoots his stronger gun on Kevin making him unconscious, he does the same to Gwen and Tack. He tries to defeat Ben but Ben transforms into Scorch and burns his gun. Vulkanus smashes him on the ground turning him back to Ben.

George destroys his armor and beats him. Ben wakes up and sees Azmuth, he asks him why he is here, he tells him that he has unlocked that master control by mistake. Azmuth tries to set it normal but Ben says no. Azmuth says oky but he only gives him access to only 40 aliens.

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Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin


Sir George





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Water Hazard






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