Jaguar's Claw is the thirty-second episode of Ben 10 Omniworlds and the sixteenth episode of season 2.


March 22, 2013


Ben is being attacked by Animo's mutant frog. Ben gets trapped and Animo gets closer to his omnitrix takes a piece and departs with his frog.

Ben gains conscious and hits the Omnitrix. He transforms into Super Huge unaware of it. He sees Animo running away, he follows him. Ben calls Tack through his omnitrix and tells him to help him. Tack says it will take him time. Meanwhile, he chases Animo. He catches up with Animo and holds him in his hand. He starts bashing Animo and his frog when he reverts back to Ben. Ben, again hits his watch and transforms into Rabalt and starts fighting with Animo's mutant frog. After a long fight, Rabalt defeats the mutant frog and rushes towards Animo when he reverts back to Ben. Animo takes advantage of this situation and throws him in his frog's mouth. He immediately transforms into NRGrade and lands up in the frog's stomach. He starts firing in his stomach making the frog uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Animo reaches his lab and experiments a cat. The cat transforms into half Fasttrack and half cat, It runs fast. Animo tries to experiment with his frog when the frog spits out Ben. Ben gets angry on the frog for mixing him in his saliva. Ben transforms into Terrahazard and starts throwing wind which becomes cold water on both Animo and his frog.

Animo gets angry and sends his ray on his frog turning him into half Godasaur and half mutant frog. He easily picks up Terrahazard and starts stomping on him after he throws him down. Terrahazard reverts back to Ben. Ben hits the omnitrix and transforms into Diamondheat and starts throwing his fire shards which go into the frog's boy injuring him. Animo targets his frog again and this time the frog turns half Four Arms and half mutant frog. Diamondheat and the frog have a long battle when Ben's omnitrix times out reverting him back to Ben.

Ben hits the omnitrix again transforming him into Vibration, he gives vibration shocks to the frog. The frog gets defeated, Animo tries to run away, Ben stops him with his vibration shocks. He then takes the omnitrix piece and then transforms the mutated animals and puts it on the omnitrix and times out. Tack arrives and puts handcuffs on Animo and take him. Ben checks his watch and gets excited about having those aliens.

Major EventsEdit


Ben Tennyson



Dr Animo

Mutant Frog

Mutant Cat

Aliens UsedEdit

Super Huge








Jaguar's Claw
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