Husum OW Ben
Husum is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Osmosian from the planet Osmos V.


It looks like the user itself execpt the user has the omnitrix on his body.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Husum can absorb metal, ground, steel, rock, diamond etc. Husum can use objects to make things and protect himself.


Its weak against electricity.


In Viktor Returns, Husum tries to defeat the Zarcovia soliders and King Viktor but fails.

In Aggregor Returns Part 2, he hurts Aggregor but gets defeated.

In Diamond Battle, he defeated some robots.

In Animo's Revenge, he defeated the mutant cat.

In Master Control Part 1, he defeated some more R.E.Ds.

In Evil Attack, he breaked the chains of himself, Gwen and Kevin.

In The Return For Ever, he puched Sir Christian with his metal hand knocking him nearly unconscious.

In The Start Of Evil War, he punched Gorvan which made him angry and then Gorvan defeated him.



Viktor Returns(First Appearance)

Aggregor Returns Part 2

Diamond Battle

Animo's Revenge

Master Control Part 1

Evil Attack

The Return For Ever

The Start Of Evil War


Husum can absorb those things that Kevin absorbs.

In Hindi his name is the same.

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