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Forever Knights
, first created by Sir George. They fought Ben and his gang when Ben was 10, 15 and 16. They were defeated by Diagon in Ultimate Alien. They have returned with Sir Reginald and Sir Christian. Initially, the Forever Knights were dedicated to collect and study alien technology, usually in illegal ways.


The Forever Knights operate according to the Medieval way: their members dress in suits of armor, complete with the appropriate, albeit heavily enhanced, weaponry. When Sir George came back and unified the factions, the Knights started using better-looking, more improved weaponry and armor.

The Forever Knights utilize a wide array of weapons, mostly created through the study of alien technology. These include: laser lances, solid energy shields, and laser crossbows. They also possess energy swords and real swords; the former is often use for combat while the latter is used for ceremonial purposes.

In addition to their main arsenal of weaponry, The Forever Knights have multiple vehicles and mechanical inventions to assist them. These include: hover-cycles, plasma beam tanks, giant mechanical horse-like walkers, and robotic dragons. The Knights also seem to have teleportation technology within their armory. Some knights possess starships.


In The Return For Ever, they were stealing parts of a gun in Bellwood shop and giving it to Sir Christian and Sir Reginald.


Sir ReginaldEdit

He is one of the two leaders of the new forever knights.

Sir ChristianEdit

He is the second leader and is very powerful.



The Return For Ever