Fasttrack is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Citrakayah from the planet Chalybeas.
Fasttrack Knight


Fasttrack is a feline-like alien with a black suit-like color scheme. His hands, legs, part of his head and chest are colored blue. He has spikes on his hands and legs. He also has a black Wolverine mask-like fins around his green eyes.

Fasttrack wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Omniworlds fasttrack's body colour is greenish grey and his eyes and omnitrix badge is blue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fasttrack has super speed like XLR8. Also when he runs, his trail resembles XLR8's. He has enhanced strength, as he was strong enough to carry both Hulka and Tack in Basic Training without losing any speed. He is also able to jump extremely high when running. Fasttrack can fight while running.


As shown in The Eggman Cometh, Fasttrack, if running fast enough, has a hard time stopping over a long distance.

He can be stopped by metal, rock, ice.

He can't run on icy fields


In New Buddy, Fasttrack appears to save Tack.

In Viktor Returns, appears to dodge Viktor's attacks.

In Ascalon's Secret, he found Sir George.

In Lucubra Unsealed, he was used to find Gwen.

In Diamond Battle, he freed Tetrax from Psyphon's cage.

In Swarm's Power, he reached up to Dr Animo.

In Movie Nemesis, he followed the Man's car to see who had sent him to kill him.

In Evil Assistant, he managed to stop Trumbipulor but got hit by him.

In Evil Attack, he managed to catch up with gorvan but got defeated by his missile.

In Goodbye Gwen And Kevin, he was caught in the net of Zombozo.

In The Diary Of Arthsu, he got fast and touched the back of the robber's car.

In The Code Of The Passage, he ran to George's house faster.



New Buddy(First Reappearance)

Viktor Returns

Ascalon's Secret

Lucubra Unsealed

Diamond Battle

Swarm's Power

Movie Nemesis

Evil Assistant

Evil Attack

Goodbye Gwen And Kevin

The Diary Of Arthsu

The Code Of The Passage


Fasttrack has many similarities with XLR8: Both are aliens who can run at high speed (with similar speed trails as they run) and both of their color schemes are blue and black; however XLR8 possessed a helmet, velociraptor form, tail and rounded feet, while Fasttrack lacks them.

Like Eye Guy, Fasttrack was unlocked off screen.

Fasttrack is the fastest alien.

In hindi his name is Tezztrack.

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