Eatle is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Roxpozam.

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Eatle is a humanoid-beetle alien. He is dark blueish almost purplish and light blue in color. He has a long horn on the top of his head connected to a shorter horn at the base on the back of his head and a large mouth that spreads over part of his chest, he also has a belt and wristbands as well as oval shaped eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eatle has the ability to eat materials and then convert their matter into energy to shoot a green laser beam out of the slot on his fin that is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain and even hold down enemies.

Eatle has enhanced strength and sharp fingers. His horn can also be used as a very effective battering ram.

Eatle has humanoid strength.


Eatle has a blind spot due to his eye placement, making him easier to sneak up on.


In A Dark Plan, he attempted to defeat Darkstar but got defeated.

In Lucubra Unsealed, he managed to defeat Lucubra but the Lucubra fled.

In Diamond Battle, he ate some robots and defeated them.

In Master Control Part 1, he ate R.E.Ds and used their power to defeat the other R.E.Ds.

In Swarm's Power, he was defeated by Elena's nanochip trap.

In The Code Of The Passage, he was scanned by the scanner which allowed him to go inside.



A Dark Plan(First Reappearance)

Lucubra Unsealed

Diamond Battle

Master Control Part 1

Swarm's Power

The Code Of The Passage


In hindi his name is Kahle.

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