Chromastone is the Codon Stream's sample of a Crystalsapien from the planet Petropia.


Chromastone is a silicon based alien made of extremely durable crystal. His body is overall purple body color with several dark lines and spots. His hands and face are magenta, also sport six magenta shards on his back, two on his chest, and one on the top of his head, resembling a horn. His face consists of a mouth and one large green eye at the center.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Chromastone has very dense skin, making him very durable.

Chromastone has the ability to absorb/conduct various kinds of energy and channel it into energy beams, which can destroy whole turrets or melt through the trailer of a truck, or just project a beam of light for illumination in dark areas. He is also able to allow it to pass through his body.

Chromastone can also produce his blast without having to absorb energy, though he will eventually run out.

Chromastone can wield energy fists, shoot small energy bolts, make a large energy blast to destroy enemies in a 360 degree radius, and create energy shields to defend himself from foes.

Chromastone possesses enhanced strength.

Chromastone can also fly.


Chromastone is unable to absorb energy when not expecting it or is too weak to do so.

Chromastone cannot absorb electricity being conducted by water.

Chromastone has a limit to how much energy he can absorb at once where he tried to absorb the energy of the sorcerer's engine, but was instead disintegrated.


In Animo's Revenge, he flyed to Bellwood.

In Return Of The Garbage Monster, he got defeated by Trumbipulor.

In Evil Invaders, he got defeated by Wildvine.

In Ghost Power, he absorbed the beam and used its power to destroy the machine.

In Movie Nemesis, he flies to get away but is still chased by Overolrd and the Man. Overlord uses his gauntlet and fires missiles. He absorbs the missiles and backfires on them, but the manage to defend themselves.



Animo's Revenge(First Reappearance)

Return Of The Garbage Monster

Evil Invaders

Ghost Power

Movie Nemesis


In hindi his name is Chromapathar.

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