Ascalon's Secret is the nineth episode of Ben 10 Omniworlds


July 6, 2012


In Azmuth's lab Azmuth tries to break the sword but there comes white smoke and the sword disappears and he sees a window breakout.

Meanwhile, Ben and the gang are inside Mr smoothie drinking smoothie when they get a call from Azmuth about his sword Ascalon who was stolen when he was trying to break it. Ben and the gang go inside the Rustbucket III and fly to Galvan Prime when they reach there Azmuth comes out of his lab and tells them abot the missin sword, Ben transforms into Fasttrack and searches for the sword when he suddenly see someone so he hides behind a small rock and the mysterious guys looks behind and manages to find Fasttrack.

Then he attacks when Ben sees and recongizes him and says "You". Fasttrack reverts back to Ben and talks to him about he got to be alive, Sir Geroge says that Azmuth didn't know that there was a little power left of Diagon, he by mistake made me alive. Ben then says you should not keep the sword but George doesn't agree with that, so Ben gives him a challenge if he wins Geroge would have to give the sord, if Geroge wins he keeps the sword.

Ben transforms into Armodrillo and creates earthquakes which manage to make Sir Geroge a little less strong, Geroge then uses the sword and fires the beam at Armodrillo and knocks him out, Ben transforms into Shockwave, he recharges his power, he throws his electric bombs which knocks Geroge out, Ben says it's a tie so they have another round, Ben transforms into Swampfire and attacks him with fire balls he puts Geroge but gets defeated when he gets hit with a strong attack from Geroge's sword. Ben accepts that he should keep the sword.

They go back to Azmuth's lab and tells him the whole story, Azmuth agrees that Geroge should keep the sword, Ben asks him that what is he going to do when he gets back on earth, he replies that he will make a big knight army, Ben doesn't agree with that and asks him to be a plumer, after a lot of thinking Geroge agrees.

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Ascalon's Secret
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